Smart contracts

The security of our projects is one of the most important things to us. This is why we chose the Ethereum blockchain as a technology and smart contracts as our provider. Smart contracts are code based, so everything is controlled by the code. Opium Team was trying hard to make the most decentralized code, so people should not trust it at all. They would just know that it will be working that way and it won't be controlled by no centralized counterparty.


This is why it was important for us to pass an audit and make sure that professionals would check it and make sure there are no potential risks of stealing users' money or other critical bugs . SmartDec checked our full code and found no critical issues. All other issues were resolved or described by our team.


In our protocol, we don't have a margin call to ensure that users will always receive their money. In Opium Protocol users put their collateral before the creation of the contract. So, the maximum amount of profit to be earned is known for both counterparties. No matter how high or low the price will go, it wouldn't affect users' payouts.