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Is Opium Protocol decentralized?

Yes, Opium Protocol is fully decentralized.

What can I build on Opium Protocol?

Here you can find examples of projects built using Opium protocol opium.exchange and swaprate.finance. Here you can find more info on how to build something on your own or just contact us in Telegram.

Was the Opium Protocol audited?

Yes, Opium Protocol has been audited by SmartDec.

What is ERC721o standard?

Composable Multiclass Fungible Token Standard. ERC-721o is an open source standard with ERC-721 backward compatible trading functions. More information about it you can read here.

How is protocol sustained?

Each derivative can charge a % fee from the profit maker (the fee is set by the derivative author and its part of derivative definition, it can also be zero) the protocol takes very small proportion from that fee that is set by the author. This is received by shareholders and supporters of the protocol (people who run automatic search and execution of expired positions, market makers and arbitragers). In reality profit maker commissions can be 0.1-0.2% in order for protocol to be business sustainable.

Is there some sort of liquidation mechanism in case it collapses before maturity is reached?

Yes, than you get your initial collateral back, but the signal that something collapsed should come from the (decentralized) oracle.