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It is extremely important and crucial to read DISCLAIMER and understand the following: decentralized protocols are very new and innovative attempts to build new types of financial primitives. However those protocols are mostly in the Beta version, run by enthusiasts and they require basic understanding of assumptions and terms. Simple terms like “call options” are only used to illustrate the logic behind new financial primitives comparing them to analogies from the financial system. For example “call option” on decentralized protocol may be a financial primitive that behaves like a “call option spread” most of the time, but have some crucial differences in terms of counterparty risk (managed by blockchain), settlement asset, technological risks and underlying asset.
Welcome to the documentation of Opium Protocol.
    Here you can find General Information about the Opium Protocol.
    More information about audit and security
    Information for users
    Information for developers
    Complex description about element of the Opium Protocol
Opium Protocol: start trading derivatives within 20 minutes
Introduction to Opium Protocol
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