Proposal creating


First, create a discussion on the Opium Governance Forum in one of the following sections:

  • Governance

  • Learn about

  • Opium Build on Opium

  • Bounties and contests

  • Other

Try to stay objective and list all pros and cons of your proposal, so every community member can make up their mind about the initiative. However, you can explain and advocate for your point of view freely in the comments.

The author of the discussion is responsible for the flow of the discussion: keep it up-to-date, so every person new to the discussion won’t need to scroll through all the comments and can easily see the updates in the main post.

The discussion is finalized when a compromise is reached.

Making the proposal

Making the proposal is the final step before actual voting. The proposal with the clear points that can be voted on with a simple Yes (Agree) or No (Disagree). If the proposal implies some actions add a batch of transactions while creating a voting proposal.


The voting period must be set to at least 48 hours, so community members will have the opportunity to evaluate the initiative make up their minds and vote on it. However, for urgent matters this requirement can be dropped.

Read more about the voting principles

Opium token holders receive voting power proportionally to the number of their governance tokens on balance.

All the votings happen here


After the off-chain voting is over, the result is sent to Reality.eth to record on-chain whether it passed or failed. If a proposal passes, the initiative is auto-executed, if it fails, blockchain marks it as an invalid transaction. For a visual representation of the process see the picture below.

If you suspect a malicious action, freeze a proposal and send it for arbitration. Opium Aragon DAO is set as an arbitrator, which allows $OPIUM token holders to decide the outcomes of the proposals using on-chain voting in case of disputes or attacks.

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