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sID - Derivative recipe

pragma solidity 0.5.16;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
/// @title Opium.Lib.LibDerivative contract should be inherited by contracts that use Derivative structure and calculate derivativeHash
contract LibDerivative {
// Opium derivative structure (ticker) definition
struct Derivative {
// Margin parameter for syntheticId
uint256 margin;
// Maturity of derivative
uint256 endTime;
// Additional parameters for syntheticId
uint256[] params;
// oracleId of derivative
address oracleId;
// Margin token address of derivative
address token;
// syntheticId of derivative
address syntheticId;
/// @notice Calculates hash of provided Derivative
/// @param _derivative Derivative Instance of derivative to hash
/// @return derivativeHash bytes32 Derivative hash
function getDerivativeHash(Derivative memory _derivative) public pure returns (bytes32 derivativeHash) {
derivativeHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(
pragma solidity 0.5.16;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "../Lib/LibDerivative.sol";
/// @title Opium.Interface.IDerivativeLogic contract is an interface that every syntheticId should implement
contract IDerivativeLogic is LibDerivative {
/// @notice Validates ticker
/// @param _derivative Derivative Instance of derivative to validate
/// @return Returns boolean whether ticker is valid
function validateInput(Derivative memory _derivative) public view returns (bool);
/// @notice Calculates margin required for derivative creation
/// @param _derivative Derivative Instance of derivative
/// @return buyerMargin uint256 Margin needed from buyer (LONG position)
/// @return sellerMargin uint256 Margin needed from seller (SHORT position)
function getMargin(Derivative memory _derivative) public view returns (uint256 buyerMargin, uint256 sellerMargin);
/// @notice Calculates payout for derivative execution
/// @param _derivative Derivative Instance of derivative
/// @param _result uint256 Data retrieved from oracleId on the maturity
/// @return buyerPayout uint256 Payout in ratio for buyer (LONG position holder)
/// @return sellerPayout uint256 Payout in ratio for seller (SHORT position holder)
function getExecutionPayout(Derivative memory _derivative, uint256 _result) public view returns (uint256 buyerPayout, uint256 sellerPayout);
/// @notice Returns syntheticId author address for Opium commissions
/// @return authorAddress address The address of syntheticId address
function getAuthorAddress() public view returns (address authorAddress);
/// @notice Returns syntheticId author commission in base of COMMISSION_BASE
/// @return commission uint256 Author commission
function getAuthorCommission() public view returns (uint256 commission);
/// @notice Returns whether thirdparty could execute on derivative's owner's behalf
/// @param _derivativeOwner address Derivative owner address
/// @return Returns boolean whether _derivativeOwner allowed third party execution
function thirdpartyExecutionAllowed(address _derivativeOwner) public view returns (bool);
/// @notice Returns whether syntheticId implements pool logic
/// @return Returns whether syntheticId implements pool logic
function isPool() public view returns (bool);
/// @notice Sets whether thirds parties are allowed or not to execute derivative's on msg.sender's behalf
/// @param _allow bool Flag for execution allowance
function allowThirdpartyExecution(bool _allow) public;
// Event with syntheticId metadata JSON string (for DIB.ONE derivative explorer)
event MetadataSet(string metadata);