Domain logic

It is the only entry point to perform stateful operations on derivative positions - as derivative positions are represented as erc20 tokens, these operations include minting and burning and the deployment itself of a new erc20 contracts.


All the stateful logic of the OpiumProxyFactory is expected to involve only Core - as the controller of the OpiumProxyFactory - and the Opium position tokens - as an entity which is manipulated by the OpiumProxyFactory.

Data / control flow

The stateful operations are expected to have a one way data and control flow whereby the Core contract calls the OpiumProxyFactory with the financial parameters of a derivative and subsequently the OpiumProxyFactory ‘translates’ the financial parameters into an erc20 api compatible language - i.e: the creation of a new derivative with LONG and SHORT positions is translated into the deployment of two erc20 contracts with an equivalent supply each.


All the stateful functions should only be accessible to the Core contract

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