Decentralized setup

The goal of the Opium team is to achieve full decentralization through the appropriate ecosystem. The framework was designed which combines financial incentives with decentralized governance mechanisms to achieve transparency, security and sustainability of protocol’s growth and development over time.

The Opium protocol is collectively governed by Opium token holders, who have the power to propose actions, vote on them and allocate funds to support selected initiatives. If the Opium Protocol codebase upgrade leads to the creation of additional parameters, they will also be controlled by the Opium DAO.

Governance setup of the Opium Protocol consists of:

  • Gnosis Safe (acts like a DAO) Snapshot (enables off-chain voting)

  • SafeSnap (a part that implements the code)

  • Supplemented with last resort Aragon DAO as a part of the on-chain voting

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