validateInput(Derivative memory _derivative) public view returns(bool);
It should allow to implement custom validation requirements for a derivative recipe
getMargin(Derivative memory _derivative) public view returns(uint256 buyerMargin, uint256 sellerMargin)
getExecutionPayout(Derivative memory _derivative, uint256 _result) public view returns(uint256 buyerPayout, uint256 sellerPayout)
The heart of customization of a derivative recipe. It is the function called by the Core contract to retrieve the payouts of a buyer and a seller. Any kind of payout logic - from traditional call/put options to more exotic products- should be implemented here.
getAuthorAddress() public view returns(address authorAddress);
It should return the derivative author’s address
getAuthorCommission() public view returns(uint256 commission);
It should return the derivative author’s commission
allowThirdPartyExecution(bool _allow) public
It should implement the logic to enable third party execution of the derivative’s positions
thirdPartyExecutionAllowed(address _derivativeOwner) public view returns(bool)
It should allow to retrieve whether third-party positions’ execution has been enabled for a given _derivativeOwner address
isPool() public view returns(bool)
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